How to install a Dash Cam in a Subaru Outback

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Watching all the Russian car crash videos and attempted scams got me thinking, I really want a dash cam installed in my car. I travel a lot on the roads and see many different accidents, funny people, and crazy things happening on the streets and wanted to record them for personal pleasure. A dash cam will also help out in case of an accident and help prove my innocence to the insurance company. It’s a small investment, usually around $50, and you’ll have first-hand proof in case of an accident.

Installing your dash cam is fairly easy and the power cable can be easily hidden in the headliner and can be routed down the A-Pillar. The car I am installing the Dash cam in is a 2017 Subaru Outback which also has Subaru’s Eyesight system which is a set of cameras that monitors the road in front of you and can brake the car and avoid obstacles.

The location I picked for the Dash Cam is to the side of the Eyesight cameras and is not interfering with the cameras. I was afraid at first that it would somehow have an affect on the Eyesight cameras but it did not. If you do not have the Eyesight system then you can mount your Dash Cam behind the rear-view mirrors so that it is out of the way.


To install a dash cam in a Subaru Outback which can be followed to install a dash cam in any automobile



Let’s get started by finding a place to attach your Dash Cam to the windshield. You will want to find a location that is in the middle of the windshield but also out of the way as to not obstruct your view. A good starting location is behind the rear-view mirror. If you windshield has vinyl dots around the rear-view mirror then do not attach the Dash Cam to them. The suction cup on your Dash Cam will not adhere to the windshield completly and may fall during driving. I located an area to the right of my rear-view mirror that is also not obstructing the Eyesight cameras.

You can see where I mounted my Dash Cam in the photos below. I mounted it as high as I can so that I can easily hide my power cable in the headliner. Also when mounting the Dash Cam make sure to attach the suction cup fully to the windshield and to was the inside of the windshield first to get a good seal.

Once you located your location for your Dash Cam start by plugging in the the power cable into your Dash Cam and running the cable across the top. You should be able to hide the power cable inside the headliner. There should be enough room to squeeze the power cable in between the windshield and the headliner.

Keep hiding the power cable until you reach the A-pillar. Once you reach the A-pillar your should be able to run the power cable across the lining and hide it inside. It may be a little tough to squeeze the power cable inside the A-pillar but you should be able to pull the lining apart with your fingers. Keep moving the cable across and we will be running it down the A-pillar’s rubber seal for the door. Check out the images below for what I mean.

Once you get the power cable across the A-Pillar liner on top we will be running down the rubber seal by the passenger door. You should be able to squeeze the power cable inside the rubber seal, there is more then enough room.

As you can see you can not see the power cable at all. Keep running the cable down.

Now we will need to run the cable down and we will be cutting across underneath the glove box. You should have some space under there to hide the cable and tuck it away without being exposed. Depending on your car you can zip tie the wires in place. In my case I did not have to use any zip ties.

Now once you run the Dash Cam’s power cable underneath the glove box you will have to decide where you will be plugging in the power cable. You can run it up and plug it into the 12V power supply¬†below the radio or if you have a 12V power supply in the arm rest you can hide it in there to keep cable hidden even more. I decide to run the cable to my power supply ti keep it hidden. I hid the cable under the plastic covers as you can see in the photo above and below.

That should be it. Just plug your power cable into the power supply and you are all done. All your cables should be nice and hidden and its a nice clean look. There is just a little of the power cable exposed on the passenger side and running into the armrest but it really isn’t noticeable or in the way.


I really like the way everything turned out. When I was first researching Dash Cam’s my number one concern was how to hide the power cable and have a clean look that wouldn’t interfere with my vision. It’s really not that difficult to run the power cable and it can be done without any tools.

If you are looking for a Dash Cam and are concerned about installing the power cable then before you order one just stick your fingers in the headliner and see that you have more then enough space and run your fingers along the A-Pillar and see where your cable will go. If you have any questions or concerns please leave me a comment.

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