Browse Month: August 2019

Launching a new online WPA/WPA2 Hash Cracking Service

Hey all, just wanted to create a post for a side project I have been working on and recently released to the public. It’s a online WIFI hash cracking service. Basically when you capture a WIFI handshake you will need to crack it and not everyone has the tools to crack the password since cracking WPA hashes can be slow and take up a lot of resources. I had an old mining rig laying around and decided to bring it back to life and help the hash cracking community. I always have loved WIFI and the learning on how it works and different ways of “hacking” WIFI which is what gave me an interest in this project. I also enjoyed cracking hashes and learning the passwords people use. Every time there was any sort of data breech I would always download the hashed passwords and try to crack as many of them as I can to build a decent sized password wordlist as well as to get an understanding of what passwords people are using.

The service is called and basically you can upload a .cap or .hccapx file and it will run a basic wordlist to try and crack the handshake hash. It will run through around 30 million common WIFI passwords and has a decent success rate of around 30%. The service is free to run but if it does crack the WIFI hash then there is a small fee to reveal the cracked hash. As of writing this article the fee is $10 and can be paid using Bitcoin or Etherium.

I hope to continue running this project for as long as I can and hope that you can use it to test your own network to see if it can crack your WIFI password. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions and please join the forums on the website if you need any help or want to share password cracking tips.

The link to the free online hash cracker is