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How to disable WPS on the Netgear JNR3210 Router

About: WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup and it is a wireless networking standard that tries to make connections between a router and wireless devices faster and easier. It works only for wireless networks that have WPA/WPA2 security. That’s great, however there is a problem with WPS, it can easily be cracked and allow a hacker access to your home WiFi network.

WPA2 security is very secure and there really is no way of hacking WPA2 without using a dictonary attack which can take months depending on the hardware you are using to bruteforce. It can also be a waste of time if your password is very long and includes many special characters, however if you have WPS enabled on your router (which it usually is by default) there is a faster way to hack your WiFi and it can be usually done in a maximum of 12 hours.

Objective: To disable WPS on our Netgear JNR3210 router to improve WiFi security.

Material: You will need the following:

Instructions: You will need to begin by opening your browser and typing in the IP address for your router. The default is usually on Netgear routers. Type in the username and password. The default username is ‘admin’ and the default password is ‘password’.

Login to your Netgear JNR3210 router

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Hello world!

Hey welcome to my lab!

My name is Kamil and I do a lot of repetitive things when it comes to my projects. I decided to make a blog about the things I do, so that I can find the things I do constantly easier. Since this is on the web you all will be able to benefit from this and learn news things as I learn them.

The site will focus on arduino and raspberry pi tutorials as well as some basic hacking and programming. Thanks for visiting!