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Create a Reddit Bot that automatically replies to Questions on AskReddit using Python

I recently published an article on creating a basic Reddit Chatbot you would be able to ask it questions and it would search Reddit for the answer and reply with an answer. This is an upgraded version of the previous Reddit bot I created except this one will actually post replies on Reddit and other users will assume it is a real person replying to their questions. I used Reddit s PRAW library that uses the Reddit API and makes it very easy to search for submissions and grabbing comments and posting reply’s on Reddit. You will need to install the PRAW library in Python to use this script.

The way the script works is it monitors /r/AskReddit for new submissions and grabs the title of the new submission. After it grabs the title it will search Reddit using the title and try to see if the question was asked before. If it was asked before it will look at the comments to that question, grab a random comment and reply to the new submission with the grabbed comment. Its actully very ingenious and has a very high confidence rating when replying to submissions.

I use my Raspberry Pi to run my bot since my Raspberry Pi is always on and connected to the internet. Using the Raspberry Pi allows my bot to be running 24/7 which is nice to watch it respond to people all the time.


To create a Reddit Bot that automatically replies to Questions on the AskReddit subreddit using Python


You will need the following:


I will go over the functions and steps I used to create my Reddit bot below and try to explain what I am going to get the Bot the work. At the bottom I will combine everything together. You should be able to simply copy and paste the final code into Python, add your bot’s API credentials and it will start replying to comments.

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