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How to install Doom on the Raspberry Pi 3

Doom is a classic DOS game and has been ported to many operating systems and now you can play it on your Raspberry Pi in just a few minutes. You can even setup a joystick or controller to play Doom and relive your childhood memories. You can also download a ton of WAD’s (“Wheres all the Data”) for Doom. WAD’s are like old school mods and include new levels, weapons and really just transform your Doom playing experience. There are many WAD’s out there right now which make the game completely different.

We’ll be using the Chocolate Doom port today to install and play Doom. Chocolate Doom try’s to mimic the original experience of Doom as much as possible.¬†Chocolate Doom’s main features are its accurate reproduction of the game as it was played in the 1990s. We’ll be downloading the source for Chocolate Doom and building and compiling the code on the Raspberry Pi, so this may be a new experience for some people but I promise it is very easy to do.


To install and play Doom on the Raspberry Pi 3


You will need the following:


We’ll be installing the latest version of Chocolate Doom, which as of this tutorial is 3.0.0. You can check to see if there are new version’s by clicking here. You would just need to modify the ‘wget‘ commands and directory commands below to match the version and file names that you downloaded. Continue Reading