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Google FooBar – Level 1 – Braille Translation – Python

I’ve recently been learning Python and was invited to the Google Foobar challenge. Google Foobar is an invitation only event that appears if Google detects that you’ve been searching for Python or Java related topics. You can accept the even and complete 5 levels which if you complete you will be able to fill out your personal information for a chance at an interview at Google. My skills aren’t the best but I had some trouble figuring out some of the levels so I decided to publish my submissions in hopefully helping someone out.


To complete the Google Foobar Level 1 challenge, Braille Translation


This level should be straight forward. You will simply need to create a Braille lookup tables list or array and translate the words given to you in Braille. You will need to interpret if the letter is capital as well as spaces. Below is the Google Foobar challenge. I ended up looking up what the Braille Charchets should be from the Braille Wikipedia page. If you notice from the Braille page it shows the Braille dots for the letters A to Z but they do not match the pattern Google wants you use so I had to manually create a list in the correct binary order. Continue Reading