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How to Perform a Quiet Boot on the Raspberry Pi

If you plan on using your Raspberry Pi as a Retro gaming station or are using it in a setting where you want to remove the boot text from being displayed on the Raspberry Pi then you need to make your Raspberry Pi perform a quiet boot. A quiet boot will remove the rows of text that are displayed during a boot (also called verbose boot) and can be replaced with a logo. This can come in handy if you are making your own arcade machine or a commercial product with the Raspberry Pi.


To perform a quiet boot on the Raspberry Pi and remove the boot text


You will need the following:


Performing a quiet boot on your Raspberry Pi is very easy and it will only take us a view steps. I wrote these instructions on the official Raspbian Jessie distro but if you are running any other Raspberry Pi distro it should work the same way. Continue Reading