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How to Install Wifite on the Raspberry Pi

Today I will be introducing you to a python script software that make WiFi hacking a piece of cake. The program is called Wifite and it aim’s at being an all-in-one WiFi hacking tool that uses the set it and forget philosophy. Wifite is just a python script that automates other tools WiFi tools like: aircrack-ng, reaver, cowpatty, and pyrit. Cowpatty and Pyrit are not required to run Wifite but aircrack-ng and reaver are needed to perform WPS attacks as well as WPA cracking and attacks. Wifite allows you to crack WEP, WPA/2 and WPS enabled networks with just a few commands and will do all the dirty work for you.

The main features Wifite is that it will automatically try to crack or hack selected SSID’s using different methods like Pixie Dust attacks or attempting to crack WPA2 passwords with the word-list you provide. Remember that the cracker is only as strong as the word-list you provide.

I will be installing Wifite on a clean install of Raspbian Jessie Lite, you can use the GUI version if you like but I will be running all the commands from an SSH connection. I will assume you have Raspbian running on your Raspberry Pi but the tutorial should work for any Debian based Linux Distro.


To install Wifite on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian Jessie


You will need the following:


I will be installing Wifite on a clean version of Raspbian on my Raspberry Pi 3. We will first need to install the aircrack-ng suite onto our Raspberry Pi 3 so let’s begin by installing the libraries that are needed to get aircrack-ng to work on the Raspberry Pi. Type in the following command: Continue Reading