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How to block ads on your network with the Raspberry Pi

About: You can use your Raspberry Pi as a DNS server which blocks ads on all your devices connected to your network. This means your Iphone, Android phones and Ipads can now block ads without needing to root them or do any changes to them. We’ll be using Pi-hole to put on our Raspberry Pi and the install is very simple. I will be using a dedicated Raspberry Pi with a clean install of Raspbian on it. If you are using your Pi for anything else like a web server or have edited the DNS settings then the install may break your setup. I would recommend setting up your Pi-hole on a clean install to prevent anything like this from happening or backup your Pi before running the install.

Objective: To demonstrate how to set up our Raspberry Pi as a DNS server that blocks ads on all devices network wide.

Material: You will need the following:

Instructions: Installation of Pi-hole is very simple. Start off by simply typing the following command in the terminal Continue Reading

How to setup your Raspberry Pi as an Access Point

About: Setting up your Raspberry Pi as an access point may come in handy. Especially in a pinch when your home router dies and you need some WiFi in your house while a new router is on order. It can also be useful if you want to set up an access point to perform evil doings like monitoring all the traffic or setting up an evil twin network.

In this tutorial we will be setting up a WiFi Access Point and linking all data to our Ethernet connection, so make sure we have an active internet connection on the Ethernet port to tunnel all the WiFi data to it.

Objective: To create a WiFi access point on our Raspberry Pi and link our WiFi connection to the Ethernet connection.

Material: You will need the following:

Instructions: Just a warning before continuing, setting up your network settings can mess things up if you are using the Raspberry Pi for something else. Be sure to make a backup of your Raspberry Pi before continuing if you need to. Also troubleshooting network issues can be difficult if you are inexperienced with networking. Be sure to follow the directions carefully and you should be alright.

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