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How to Crack WPA2 WiFi Networks using the Raspberry Pi

Cracking WPA and WPA 2 networks is still very difficult and solely dependent on using a brute force attack with a good dictonary. Depending on the word-list that you use will improve the success rate of cracking WPA2 WiFi networks. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to grab the 4-Way handshake from a WPA2 WiFi network and how to do an offline brute-force cracking attempt at find the password for the WiFi network. The Raspberry Pi 3 can check around 500 keys per second which is not really fast when you have a word-list with over 10 millions passwords to check.

The Raspberry Pi 3 can check around 1.8 million passwords an hour which again it doesn’t gurantee that it will be able to find the correct password for a WPA2 WiFi network. The best use of the Raspberry Pi in hacking WiFi networks is that you can use it to collect a 4-Way handshake and then transfer the handshake for cracking to a more powerful computer. The reason the Raspberry Pi is good for a scenrio like this is because of its mobility. You can easilly attach a battery to your Pi and put it in a backback and walk around collecting handshakes to crack.

Today’s tutorial will show you how to capture a 4-Way Handshake and then use our Raspberry Pi 3 to crack the password. We will be using the aircrack-ng suite to collect the handshake and then to crack the password. You will need a good word-list for cracking. There are many word-lists out there. One of the biggest word-lists I have seen is the CrackStation Wordlist which has over 1.5 Billion passwords that have been put together from many data breaches like Linked In and MySpace. Let’s get started.


To capture a 4-Way Handshake from a WPA2 WiFi network and crack the password using a brute-force method


You will need the following:


I will be running a freshly installed version of Raspbian Jessie on my Raspberry Pi. You can use Rasbian Jessie Lite on your Raspberry Pi since we will just needing the terminal and I will be using SSH to run all my commands. Go ahead and connect to your Raspberry Pi and lets begin by installing the aircrack-ng suite on our Raspberry Pi. Run the following command to install the dependencies for the aircrack-ng suite: Continue Reading