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How to Create a Simple Python Chatbot on the Raspberry Pi

I have recently been working on a new project that required scraping data from other websites and have been slowly learning python. I usually work with PHP but I knew python will work faster and better. I also have always wanted to create a simple chatbot that I can input text into and it would reply with something meaningful. Creating a chatbot with a huge database of words and actually understanding what is being said is not an easy task and is something that is way over my head. I was browsing Reddit and found out that you can get results in JSON format is you append ‘.json‘ to the end of the URL. This got me thinking, what if I search Reddit with a question or comment and pick a random search result and reply with one of the top comments. This would fill my urge in creating a chatbot and it would also be a good starting point if I ever wanted to go deeper into creating a database and store answers for the chatbot to get a personality of its own.

I figured the Raspberry Pi would be an easy starting point since I have a bunch of them laying around and it is already setup with a Python environment. You can easily replicate this in any Python environment but I tested out my chatbot on the Raspberry Pi.


To create a chatbot in Python on the Raspberry Pi that searches Reddit and replies using a Reddit comment


You will need the following:


Create a new file on the Raspberry Pi and call it Continue Reading