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How to Build a Raspberry Pi TorrentBox

If you already use your Raspberry Pi as a server then you’ll want to add some torrent capabilities to it. Even if you are not using your Raspberry Pi as a server you can turn your Raspberry Pi into a torrent box using a very popular torrent program called Transmission. You may have heard of Transmission before, it comes pre-installed on many popular Debian based Linux distro’s.

Transmission is usually a standalone program you can use to manage your torrents but today I will be showing your how to install Transmission on your Raspberry Pi and run and manage your torrents from your browser. This is beneficial because you can download torrents from anywhere in your house and connect your Raspberry Pi to a Network Attached Storage and store your files there. If you have a VPN at home you can even connect to your network and tell your Raspberry Pi TorrentBox what to download.

I currently have my Raspberry Pi running a network wide adblocker, Kodi, and a Raspberry Pi VPN and found that it can handle running a torrent client like Transmission with ease. Transmission really doesn’t take up to much process power and the Raspberry Pi runs the web GUI with ease.


To install a torrent client onto our Raspberry Pi and turn our Raspberry Pi into a TorrentBox


You will need the following:


I will assume you are running Raspbian on your Raspberry Pi. You can also follow this tutorial for any Debian based Linux distro. I have Rasbian Jessie Lite installed on my Raspberry Pi and will be connecting to my Pi over SSH to install Transmission.

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