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5 Best Raspberry Pi Zero Cases

If you are one of the lucky ones to get your hands on a Raspberry Pi Zero then you will mostly likely need a case for your Pi Zero to protect it from getting damaged, you know it will be a pain trying to get another Raspberry Pi Zero with how quick they are to come by, especially at the $5 price tag. I have compiled a list of the best Raspberry Pi Zero cases that will protect your investment and give your new Raspberry Pi Zero some sweet style. The list I have compiled is not in any particular order and the cases themselves are all top quality builds so let’s get started

1. SB Raspberry Pi Zero Case

SB Raspberry Pi Zero Case

This is just your standard plastic black Raspberry Pi Zero case. The issue right off the bat is that this case will not fit the latest Raspberry Pi Zero 1.3 which has the camera connector. You can modify the lower part of this case to fit the connector however if you have one of the original Raspberry Pi Zero’s then this case will work for you. It features a three-piece injection molded ABS to create a tight fitting case.

A great feature of this case if that the GPIO cover can be removed and you can have the case open or closed depending on if your Zero is getting overheated, which it really shouldn’t. The case does allow easy access to the GPIO pins if you do use them so have the removable cover is a plus. The case is also wall mountable which is great if you are using your Raspberry Pi Zero as a server or storage device and you can hang it up behind your TV.

There really isn’t anything bad or good to say about this case other then it is a plain basic black plastic case. If you have no style or don’t care about the look of your Zero because it will be tucked away in the corner or out of view then I would definitely check this case out.

Click here for more information about the SB Raspberry Pi Zero Case

2. Black Ice Raspberry Pi Zero Case

Black Ice Raspberry Pi Zero Case

Now this is a transparent Raspberry Pi Zero case with style. It is a sandwich designed which means that your Raspberry Pi will be sandwiched between two pieces of high quality acrylic. This case will fit the newest Raspberry Pi Zero 1.3 and will give you easy access to the camera connector if you do decide to connect a camera to your Pi. Its a sleek compact design that really makes your Raspberry Pi look modern and slick.

This case comes with the GPIO cutout if you plan on using them. The cutout gives you more then enough room for you to access your GPIO with nothing in the way. The case itself doesn’t come with any instructions but it should be fairly easy to assemble with just a few screws and plastic washers to go in between your Raspberry Pi and the case. The Raspberry Pi fits perfectly in this little case and is very sturdy, the Pi doesn’t move around and the USB connectors are hidden by the case to protect your Pi in case it is dropped.

Overall this is a greatly quality case that is designed and built in the USA. It has a great simple design that makes your Raspberry Pi Zero look slim and elegant. If you are looking for a plain transparent Raspberry Pi Zero case then this is it.

Click here for more information about the Black Ice Raspberry Pi Zero Case

3. Wooden Raspberry Pi Zero Case

Wooden Raspberry Pi Zero Case

This Raspberry Pi Zero case is a made out of solid wood and gives your Pi a touch of class. It really makes the Pi look beautiful and elegant and makes you want to sip some Scotch as you assemble it. The wooden Raspberry Pi case will fit the newest Raspberry Pi Zero 1.3.  It is another one the classic sandwich cases and is easy to put together with just 4 screws on each corner. Even though this case fits the Raspberry Pi Zero 1.3, the camera connector sticks out slightly so keep that in mind.

The GPIO pins aren’t easy to access if you plan on using them, it is still possible but will require you talking the case apart for easier access. This case would be more practical if you plan on your your Zero as a media server or to install Kodi and use it to stream movies and shows. The Raspberry Pi Zero fits perfectly inside the case and will be protected with the wood surrounding it. The color of the case is stained and polished well and is very smooth to the touch.

This is a very elegant case and I definitely recommend it if you will not be using the GPIO pins. The quality of the case is very nice and feels high class and is worth the cost. This case will look really good on your entertainment system and will blend in or stick out looking classy. This Raspberry Pi Zero case is also made in the United States.

Click here for more information about the Wooden Raspberry Pi Zero Case

4. PiBow Raspberry Pi Zero Case

PiBow Raspberry Pi Zero Case

The PiBow case now comes to the Raspberry Pi Zero featuring 4 unique bright acrylic colors. Each individual piece is crafted from high quality acrylic and has a transparent top which allows you to see your Raspberry Pi Zero. The PiBow case for the Zero allows easy access to all the connections and the GPIO pins as well which is great if you intend on using the GPIO pins with this case. The case is also designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero 1.3 which will fit the camera connector and this case is not backwards compatible with the original Raspberry Pi Zero.

As stated earlier this case will allow you to access the GPIO pins with the case on but you will not be able to easily swap out the memory card once the case is assembled. The only way to access your memory card is to fully disassemble the case. This can become a neusense if you are backing up your SD card often but most of the time you can just leave the memory card inserted in your Raspberry Pi Zero with no issues and can backup your Zero remotely.

Overall this is a decent case to have especially if you have the other PiBow cases for your Raspberry Pi’s and want all your Pi’s to look uniform. The way the case is designed and held together with nylon nut’s I wouldn’t expect the case to protect my Raspberry Pi Zero from a fall. The acrylic itself will easily crack from a fall and could damage your Pi so don’t expect this case to protect your Pi Zero and simply use it just for style.

Click here for more information about the PiBow Raspberry Pi Zero Case

5. MakerSpot Raspberry Pi Zero Case

MakerSpot Raspberry Pi Zero Case

The MakerSpot Raspberry Pi Zero case is great if you plan on using the GPIO pins constantly and need easy access to the GPIO. The case has an imprint of the GPIO pin-out on the case itself so you don’t have to constantly check online for the Raspberry Pi Zero GPIO pin-out. The MakerSpot case is available in an assortment of colors as well and transparent colors so you have many choices to pick from.

Other then having the GPIO pin-out imprinted on the case the MakerSpot has nothing else to offer. The case is just a basic plastic case with an opening for the GPIO pins, if that is all you need then get this case since many of the Raspberry Pi Zero cases don’t have easy access to the GPIO pins. You will need to solder the GPIO header if you do plan on using the GPIO, as with any Zero. Rubber feet are included for the bottom of this case which is good when you are constantly using the pins and will keep the case from sliding around on your table.

Overall this is a basic Raspberry Pi Zero case which is useful and essential if you are constantly using the GPIO pins. Many cases for the Pi Zero are usually sandwiched together and you have no access to the connectors or GPIO pins, this case solves that issue.

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