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Fix Xbox Live Achievements not popping up when using Pi-Hole

About: I’ve been using Pi-Hole on my Raspberry Pi for the past year to block ad’s on my whole network. It works great however some of the ad blocking lists end up blocking the Xbox Live servers which cause weird issues like being unable to update your Xbox or unable to access Netflix or Youtube or just simply not allowing you to connect to the Xbox Live servers. I have compiled a list of domains that should be white-listed to avoid these issues, check out the white-list here.

The issue I was having was my achievements would take up to a week to show completed and show up on my Xbox. I usually don’t play many games that unlock achievements but I was suspicious when the achievements would unlock at random times, often when I am not even playing the game. I did some investigating and seeing what domains were being blocked on my Pi-Hole while the Xbox was sitting idle and found a few Microsoft domains that were being blocked. I compiled the short list below.

Objective: To fix Xbox Live achievements not showing up when using Pi-Hole due to blocking of Microsoft servers.

Material: You will need the following:

  • Xbox One (Click the link to check out the price on Amazon. Usually under $250 with free shipping and some bundles let you choose your own game)

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