AutoVox Dash Cam D2 Review

AutoVox Dash Cam Features

The AutoVox Dash Cam is my first Dash Cam that I ever purchased and I am very satisfied with it. I knew what I wanted in my dash cam, something I can just stick on the windshield and forget all about it. The AutoVox is exactly that, just insert a microSD card and it’s ready to go. I went with a 16GB microSD card (it can handle up to 32GB) and even when recording at Full HD I get about 2 hours of looped video on my card. You can choose from Full HD 1080p or a lower quality, I decided to go with the lower quality because I wanted to fit more video on my card.

Small and Durable

The AutoVox dash cam is nice and small and also feels durable. It doesn’t feel like a cheaply made dash cam, it feels like a lot of thought was put into designing the dash cam. It has a wide viewing angle which will allow you to capture any of your surroundings. The viewing angle is about 120 degrees which is great for capturing cars driving in your peripheral vision and captures enough of the cars to your side in case of an accident. The AutoVox dash cam feels very durable even though its made from plastic. It looks and feels like it should be a high-end dash cam but it is definitely a budget dash cam at it’s price.

Easy Operation

The AutoVox dash cam will auto power on and off when you start your car. The dash cam comes with a 12 FT long power cable which plugs into your 12V power source. When you first get the dash cam you can setup if you want the time stamp to be displayed and how you want your G-Force sensitivity to be triggered as well as the time of your loops. Once you do a basic setup you will never need to touch the menu settings again. It attaches to your windshield securely because it has a knob for the suction cup that really sticks the dash cam to your windshield so you don’t have to worry about the dash cam falling off while driving.

AutoVox Dash Cam Easy Operation

Loop Recording

The AutoVox dash cam features loop recording which will delete the oldest recorded videos and overwrite them. It will not overwrite any locked or saved videos that you manually saved or videos that were locked when the G-Force sensor was triggered. You can manually lock and save a video on the AutoVox dash cam by pushing the top-left button. You will see a little lock icon displayed on the screen allowing you to know that it has saved that loop recording. You can choose the loop recordings to be 1 minute, 3 minutes, or 5 minutes.

Parking Mode

You can enable Parking Mode on the AutoVox dash cam. This will not turn the dash cam off completely when you turn your car off. It will not record but use the G-Force sensor and when it is triggered it will start recording. This is handy if you are parked and someone bumps into your car while parking. You will have proof that your car was hit.


Installation is a snap and the AutoVox dash cam works right out of the box. Just insert a microSD card into the dash cam and power it on to begin recording. There are a few settings you may want to adjust in the menu before you stick the dash cam on your windshield but that isn’t necessary. The dash cam sticks to the windshield securely because of the knob you have to tighten to get maximum suction on the windshield. I wrote an article about my installation of the AutoVox dash cam on my Subaru here.


For the price this is a great budget dash cam, it definitely makes other dash cam’s seem overpriced. If all you need is a front view dash cam then I would look no further. The video quality is great during the day and night. The added features like the G-Force sensor and Parking mode make this a great cheap dash cam.

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