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How to turn your Raspberry Pi into a Home VPN Server using PiVPN

With all the news about privacy concerns and security threats on the internet recently more people are starting to use a VPN on their home networks and phones. A VPN or a Virtual Private Network allows you to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their devices were directly connected to the private network. For example if you are connected to the public WiFi network at the mall, everyone can see your data, if you use a VPN all your data is encrypted through a private tunnel and it looks like you are connected directly to your home network. VPN’s are very popular in the business world and most likely you may be using one for work and not even know why. The main reason is security and access of your local files.

You can use your Raspberry Pi as a VPN server for free or you can use a VPN service which will limit the amount of data you can use monthly as well a paying a monthly fee. With your Raspberry Pi VPN server you will be able to connect to public WiFi networks and have all your data encrypted which will prevent you from man-in-the-middle attacks as well as any one else snooping WiFi data on the network. When you are connected to your own VPN server you will be able to access all of your home files. If you have movies or music you will be able to access them with ease.


To improve our network security by turning our Raspberry Pi into a Home VPN Server using PiVPN


You will need the following:


Installation of PiVPN (The software we will be using as our VPN server) is a breeze. You simply have to run just one command to install PiVPN. I will assume you already have the Raspbian OS up and running. You only need the lite version if you will be running headless, that’s how I am installing it since I will have PiVPN running along side PiHole, my network wide ad blocker.

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